exactly, like him

Last night,
when the rain poured down like hell.
when I was so cold, waited alone in front of a supermarket.
when I felt so lonely and afraid.

He came for rescue.
Just like a knight in white horse,
he saved me from a cold, frustrated, and frightened night.

I saw him.
With a light smile in his face,
with those tired eyes, but still... he laughed when I told him about my feeling.

He was there.
Just like days before... just like any days before that day.

I wish I'll have a husband... someone exactly like him... The one who always does his best shot to make me comfortable and put me in one of his priorities. The one who will say, "Okay... " maybe not in an instant, but he did always say that whenever I need him. The one who never said that he really cares but I know... he really does.

God, I love you..
I love you, Bro.
This naughty, spoiled, and childish girl... yeah, me, your sister.. just can't help to admire you.. to love you.. to feel so much grateful... to have a brother like you...

I hope I'll meet someone like you and let him marry me, no doubt :)
It's not too much to ask, right?

(thanks for lastnite, yah.. God, aku nggak tahu musti gimana lagi kalau kamu nggak jemput aku yang lagi keujanan di pinggir jalan, without knowing what to do, dan menelepon taksi adalah tindakan paling konyol yang akan aku lakukan...)

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